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The ASP.NET Core Security Headers Guide

Mar 23 2021 / 1 comment / 2415 reads

This post is a sum-up of how to make it more difficult for hackers to compromise your ASP.NET (MVC, Web API, Core) website in general. In the following paragraphs, I have listed a number of HTTP headers that are easily configured and that everyone should implement.

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Password Validation with Reactive Forms

Mar 21 2021 / 1 comment / 11118 reads

Let's build a simple signup form with Angular and see how we can implement custom validation rules. Our form is going to have three input fields for the email address, password, and confirm password. The password requirements we want to fulfill are:

  • Must be at least 8 characters long
  • Must be alphanumeric, with at least one uppercase and one lowercase character
  • Must have at least one special character
  • Password and Confirm Password must match

We're going to validate these rules using Regular Expressions and give users visual feedback.

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Hello Internet!

Mar 20 2021 / No comments / 90 reads

Finally, Pegasus is live after 11 months of hard work. This is my first post on Pegasus, I'm super excited about my new website and there's so much I'm planning to do in 2021. I started this project last year (March 2020) and it's been a great opportunity to upgrade to new technologies, develop my skills further and learn new things. 2020 has been crazy, and incredibly boring at times, what a rollercoaster. But it's also been a great year to focus on work and personal development. A lot has happened in the software industry too over the past year and the future looks very promising. Lots of improvements and new technologies to build with. Follow along if you're interested to learn more about Pegasus and what I've been working on lately.

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