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Angular Router Fade Animation

Apr 1 2021 / 1 comment / 4665 reads

Animations can greatly improve the user experience of your applications. In this short tutorial, I'll show you how to use Angular's Animations API to create a simple fade-in/fade-out animation for routing transitions. 

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Angular CanDeactivate Guard Tutorial

Mar 29 2021 / No comments / 2372 reads

The Angular router’s navigation guards allow you to grant or remove access to certain parts of the navigation. Another route guard, the CanDeactivate guard, allows you to prevent a user from accidentally leaving a component with unsaved changes.

Using confirmation dialogs is a well-known technique web applications employ to prevent users from performing unintended actions. In this post, we'll build a route guard to prevent users from accidentally leaving unsaved changes.

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File Upload with ASP.NET Core and Angular

Mar 29 2021 / 6 comments / 6416 reads

A frequently required feature in modern applications is being able to upload and download files. In this post, we're going to implement file uploads with ASP.NET Core and Angular. In future posts, I'll show you more sophisticated features such as drag & drop support, multiple file uploads, validation, and previews.

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Working with Google Maps in Angular

Mar 25 2021 / No comments / 5976 reads

In this post, I'll show you how to work with Google Maps in Angular projects. Many applications need to work with maps and location features (geocoding, fencing, etc.). Google provides many great APIs to work with. Let's create a simple app that gets your current location and marks it on a live map.

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Password Validation with Reactive Forms

Mar 21 2021 / 1 comment / 11575 reads

Let's build a simple signup form with Angular and see how we can implement custom validation rules. Our form is going to have three input fields for the email address, password, and confirm password. The password requirements we want to fulfill are:

  • Must be at least 8 characters long
  • Must be alphanumeric, with at least one uppercase and one lowercase character
  • Must have at least one special character
  • Password and Confirm Password must match

We're going to validate these rules using Regular Expressions and give users visual feedback.

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